L & C Asian
(formerly Qunicy Dynasty)
Chinese & Sushi Restaurant
49 Billings Rd.
Quincy, MA 02171
Tel: (617) 328-3288
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Chef's Specials

Item Name Price

CS01 Hot Peppers Celery Beef Aorta


CS02 Cumin and Spicy Duck Tongue


CS03 Spicy Roasted Fish Hotpot


CS04 Crispy Whole Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce


CS05 Pan Seared Fish


CS06 Whole Fish with Chili Bean Sauce


CS07 Whole Fish with Diced Chili


CS08 Mao Style Braised Pork


CS09 Stewed Spareribs with Potato


CS10 Jumbo Shrimp with Walnut


CS11 Stir Fried Sea Conch


CS12 Cumin Lamb


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